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What does a system tune-up service include?
  • Optimize, clean, and manage windows.
  • Clean up unwanted startup programs.
  • Verify updated drivers for upgraded/existing hardware.
  • Check computer logs for errors and correct.
  • Check for viruses and spy ware.
  • Run a disk defragmenter utility.

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 home computer tuneup




Home Computer System Tune-Up Service for PC's - $120

($175 value)

Home Computer System Tune-up service includes one hour of computer optimization, basic maintenance, and infection removal.  After one hour of home computer system tune-up service is completed, additional hours will be billed in half hour increments.  Normal hourly rates apply for any additional services required and/or requested.

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The home computer system tune-up service can be completed on most home computers within one hour.  However, if your computer is several years old, contains multiple viruses/spyware, etc., the home computer system tune-up service may take longer than one hour.  All efforts will be made by our technicians to complete the tune-up service within one hour.  The amount of time actually required is based upon several factors including the performance specifications of your computer.  For example, customer cannot buy a low end computer from a discount store and expect any technician 5+ years later to complete this service within an hour.  In this case the performance specifications were already low to begin with, so any process ran on the computer will require additional time.)

(1) Terms of Guarantee: Applies to labor only and only to specific issue(s) requested. New issues which may arise hours later or days later are not covered under this guarantee. If there is a problem specifically with any issue we diagnosed and repaired, we will make it right with you at no additional charge. However, if the issue is unrelated to our service, then you will be charged. Customer understands best effort support will be provided and as such additional service and/or equipment may be required in order to reach customer goals.

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